5 Quick and Easy Ideas to Enhance Your Denver Landscaping

August 28, 2020

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If your Denver landscaping seems a bit dull and drab, don’t give up on it just yet! Very often it doesn’t take much time or money to enhance flowers and shrubs already planted along your property, and to make those items as well as nearby patios, decks, and other features really “pop.”

While the following ideas can help you improve and enhance your property, remember that Denver landscaping companies can also work with existing features and add some simple touches as needed. Their input and expertise can ensure a lawn and landscaping you love and that’s a perfect complement to your home.

1. Add Hardscapes to Your Denver Landscaping

Landscaping refers to items that grow, while hardscapes or hardscaping refers to items made from brick, stone, rocks, rubber, metal, and so on. Hardscape features might include retainer walls, landscaping borders and edging, pavers, boulders, and various decorative items.

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Some hardscape features serve a particular function; for example, borders along flowerbeds keep moisture in the soil and help avoid soil runoff and erosion, and pavers provide a nice walkway through your property. Other hardscape features might only add visual interest to your property and landscaping features. Stacked stones around a tree, for instance, help anchor that tree and provide contrast between its trunk and the lawn.

If you have beautiful flowers and shrubs on your property but they seem to blend into each other or the lawn itself, hardscape features might offer a perfect solution. Try adding a brick or gravel border in front of those flowers  or a stacked stone edge around trees and tall plantings. Use an old wheelbarrow or washtub as a planter, to lift those flowers up and provide contrast needed to get them noticed!

2. Your Landscaping in Denver Might Need More Color!

No matter how lush your lawn and how well your property’s bushes thrive, they’ll look bland and dull if your Denver landscaping lacks color. A variety of color adds visual interest as well as contrast between features on your property and helps to complement your home’s exterior as well as patio pavers and other features on your property.

If you’re not sure the right colorful flowers for your property, consult with a Denver landscaping design company. They will check your property’s soil conditions and sunlight exposure, and suggest flowers that thrive in those conditions. They can also note which flowers off the most vibrant colors and color variety, for added appeal.

For those who want to avoid the work and maintenance needed for flowers, consider flowering shrubs rather than plain hedges. Lilac, hibiscus, forsythia, and hydrangea all provides lots of stunning color with little to no effort needed to keep those plantings healthy. Many flowering shrubs also provide a lovely scent so your property smells as good as it looks!

3. Vary the Height of Your Denver Landscaping Features

One common mistake homeowners make when planning their own landscape design in Denver is overlooking the need for varying heights of flowers, shrubs, and other plantings. When your flowers and plants are all about the same height, or have too much contrast in height, they might blend together or look out of proportion.

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Most landscapers in Denver CO will use a “rule of three” when planning flowers and shrubs; in other words, they will choose flowers and bushes of three different heights, without each planting being too much taller than any others. As an example, a landscaper might plant a row of very small myrtle plants along your lawn’s border, then a row of your favorite flowers, as long as they’re several inches taller than the myrtle. Behind the flowers he or she will then plant another green shrub, several inches taller than the flowers!

By staggering heights in this way, your flowers and shrubs won’t get lost in the plantings behind them. Those varying heights also add depth to your landscaping features, allowing them to stand out and command attention.

4. Make Your Denver Landscaping Bigger

Another common mistake made by homeowners managing their own landscaping in Denver is to simply run a line of flowers and bushes against the home. Simple landscape design like this can certainly make a statement and be appropriate for smaller properties, but creating larger areas of landscaping is an excellent way to add visual interest and break up otherwise boring straight lines!

As an example of how to make Denver landscaping bigger, consider adding another few feet of landscaping features in a rounded shape as your flowerbeds approach a home’s porch or entryway. You might also add an elevated planting around a tree or at the edge of your current landscaping, to give everything a bit more height and grandeur.

Choosing larger plantings is also an excellent way to make your landscaping bigger and more noticeable. Taller flowers and bushes add height to the space and give your landscaping more visual interest. Added height is especially important for landscaping around tall features such as porch steps, or those underneath a home’s exterior window.

5. Simplify and Streamline Your Landscaping in Denver

While lots of variety enhances landscaping, note that too many flower and other planting varieties can actually make a property look cluttered and busy. You might have difficulty focusing on any one landscaping feature or grouping when your entire yard is full of various flowers and lots of green shrubs. If this is the case, you might need some simplifying and streamlining around your landscaping features.

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Consider how this might work on your property. Rather than lots of different flowers in a landscaping design, choose just one flower for each spot or grouping; if you prefer different colors, choose a flower in varying colors, such as tulips or pansies.

Add another flower species or color of that same flower to another landscaped area around the home for the variety you prefer, without making any one spot look cluttered and busy. You might also remove some plantings altogether; if you have too many rows of plantings, one behind the other, this can make the space seem busy. Stick to no more than three and see if that doesn’t add visual interest to your Denver landscaping design.


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