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Sod Installation in Denver - What's it About?

Sod installation in Denver is one of our most popular services. With how quickly the world works these days, who has time to sit around waiting for their grass to grow? Now that we can have new sod installation done, there's nobody patient enough to look at dirt for an entire season anymore.

Denver Landscaping and Design uses only the freshest sod grass to guarantee an installation that sticks and holds. We do sod installation over dirt as well as lay sod over existing grass. Sometimes, when the grass you have isn't flourishing as much as you would like, sod installation is the answer. The nitrogen from the dying grass underneath guarantees a lush, complete, and gorgeous green lawn for years to come!

We have sods that can be installed during cool-season or warm-season, and our trained technicians know which ones to use at what times. During your consultation, we will show you all of the options out there and help you pick one that you and your family will love! Call our team to set up an on-site appointment. It's FREE!
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Why Get Sod Installation in Denver? Let's Find Out!

The cost of sod installation in Denver is the number one inquiry we get. People want to know, is sod worth the money? That depends. On average, sod installation costs between $1 and $2 per square foot. While that's quite a bit more than grass seed, think about all the benefits!

  • An instant lawn
  • Fewer irrigation requirements
  • Denser yard
  • Prevention of soil erosion issues
  • A solid lawn foundation

Our sod installers are more than happy to give you the time necessary to answer all of your questions about lawn sod installation in Denver. Let us customize your sod installation quote for FREE when you call our office staff for more information today.

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The "Instant Lawn" You Need is a Call Away

Do you have guests coming for a party? Are you tired of looking at a patchy lawn? Were there damages that occurred after a storm or other incident on your property? These are just a few reasons why you may need sod installation in Denver now!

Homeowners looking to put their properties up for sale are also some of our most frequent callers. The new sod grass installed not only makes the home more appealing, but it also boosts the property value. The cost of the sod pays for itself instantly!

Do you want to get the most out of the investment in your home or commercial building? Let us help! Check out our blog, then give our customer care team a call for all the details.
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What to Expect During Your Sod Installation Service

Are you a little apprehensive about hiring a sod installation company? That's okay. We know that these types of home improvements can be stressful, but we do what it takes to make the project as smooth and complete as possible. The number one way we do that is by keeping you involved and informed all along the way.

Our trained technicians do all the basic labor, including hauling in the sod, laying it out seamlessly, packing it, and cleaning up before we go. Then, all you'll have left to do is go outside and let the new, fresh, crisp grass tickle your toes!

Denver Landscaping and Design is the number one landscaping service company in the region, and we're excited to meet with you. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're getting the best in the business for your landscaping needs.

Denver Landscaping and Design - Count on Us

Denver Landscaping and Design has everything you're looking for when partnering with a landscaping company. Not only do we stand behind all of our work, but we also provide an iron-clad warranty on all materials and labor.

Did your sod not take as well as you thought it should? Call us, and we will come and do an assessment. If we see something that we could have done better, we will make the appropriate adjustments at no additional cost.

Trust the locally owned and operated landscaping company with a reputation for perfection. Call for your quote!
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